How to Setup your Lock screen in Windows 10 PC

Microsoft provide best possible functionality with its new operating system which is named as Windows 10, you can configure things accordingly, you can easily personalize your apps, friends, and sites in one place, it’s where you open apps and desktop programs, see what your friends are doing, and get to your favorite websites, apps and files. Same thing you get on start and lock page with full given details.Fix apps on Your lock screen background in Windows 10 PC

The screen you see when you lock your pc or laptop, using CTRL+ALT+DEL, this is the short key to lock your Windows 10 PC, you can add your favorite things on your lock screen, ex kids, pets, favorite place, vacation picture, friends picture, you can even fix by adding multiple images to slideshow setting, either you can use folder to fix your background slideshow.Add Apps on Your Lock Screen Page with Windows 10

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To add Apps on Your lock screen background            

You can fix some given listed apps on your background, there are already given 7 apps on your lock screen, so you can see what new going on your apps of Laptop & Desktop.

  • The same thing you can perform with any windows 10 device, choose setting from windows start menu.
  • There are multiple setting available, system, device, network & internet, Personalization, choose personalization option from setting page.
  • You will get 5 options choose lock screen from them, in this tab you will get all the important setting in which you can change lock screen image and slideshow, as well as Apps.
  • Click on + sign under choose an app to show detailed status, and under choose apps to show quick status.
  • Now choose apps from these tabs under + sign, after setting up your apps you also see the instant result on lock screen.

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After changing functionality of lock screen it will shows you result, with background image and with apps data, you can also change background image from lock screen.

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