DropBox is one of the most useful product, with this you can easily store and share anything , company listed in best cloud storage provider, Dropbox desktop apps you can install on your computer, which help you to synchronization and store data on DropBox cloud, easily can pause through the Dropbox menu in your system tray or menu bar.

Causes to stop sync is bandwidth, Dropbox team think and care about bandwidth, that’s why company gave us option to stop synchronizationUse Selective Sync on your desktop (Dropbox

When synchronization is enable in your Dropbox app, Dropbox will try to be smart about the amount of bandwidth it uses by it’s desktop application which is installed in your computer apps. Dropbox will use any remaining bandwidth available to download changes and only 75% of available bandwidth to upload changes. You can also adjust your bandwidth usage through the Dropbox desktop application’s preferences such as general, accounts, import, bandwidth, proxy.

How do I Pause syncing files between computers and Dropbox Desktop Application

You need to make small changes on your application which is installed into your computer, just open Dropbox app if you are unable to open app, just go to your computer start menu and search dropbox now it will search from your computer, and open it.How do I stop sync files between computers and Dropbox app

There are lots of settings to which help Dropbox users to make small changes in their Dropbox setting, try to understand if you will open whole app, using this you can make many changes but now we only want to stop Syncing of computer with desktop Dropbox app, just see right hand bottom of your computer Dropbox Application icon into your task bar, using this you can make changes such as stop syncing.

Will help us much to decide when to send our data to Dropbox account from desktop, and it’s too easy process to complete.

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