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Autofill is one of the best automatic form filling features of website through which we have to feed information once with Google chrome browser and use it everywhere when we require, this blog post we cover info of Autofill your info in forms on Chrome, with this form you can easily add multiple field related to your personal information such as Add and edit email addresses, phone numbers, and other info.

You can use setting for different Google compatible devices such as Laptop, Computer,  Chromebooks, Android phones, tablets, iPhone and iPads, these all devices support Google chromes, this functionality save your time, you can choose to automatically fill out the form information, like your address or phone number, from a drop-down list of options.

There are many option with Autofill forms add email, contact number, and more

Google chrome has ability to fill your form and save time when you fill-out a form, you can make changes according to need where you can put info such as Name, Organization, Street address, City, PIN code, State, Country / Region, Phone, Email. However fix your entries which save time when you fill any form.Google Chrome Tip - Enable AutoFill for Fast and Easy Form

As well as when you buy something from online, you need to fill your credit card details to buy something with another option you can fill out your credit card info with the field options Name on card, Credit card number, Expiration date, but always save your credit card details when you are sure that, computer or device is fully protected.Google Chrome Tip Enable AutoFill for Fast and Easy Form

Laptop, Computer and Chromebooks

  • For laptop, desktop computer and chromebooks you have to first open your browser and click on menu option.
  • Where you will see a tab of setting, go to setting of your Chrome browser
  • Now go to Setting>>Advance setting, where you will get more options
  • Now advance setting menu option will be increased, where you see more settings, just scroll down and click on under Password and Forms. click on Manage Autofill settings
  • New popup screen will open where you will get setting of Autofill Settings, click on add new street address.
  • New form will open where it will provide many personal fields, add info into it
  • Now another option is add new credit card, just click on that, it will give you option to add your card info.
  • Your form filling formality will be completed, come back and check the option on advance setting enable autofill.

Autofill form setting for iPhone and iPads

  • For iPhone and iPad Chrome users have to open Chrome browser
  • Touch the chrome menu where it will give you more options
  • Touch the setting >> and again select Autofill forms 
  • Now the list will open, with this touch the profile or info you would like to edit
  • Touch Edit or add new info to add your own info or to change on each field you added
  • Touch done to save settings
  • You can add an entry by creating an Autofill profile on your computer. Profiles can’t be created from Apple iPhones and iPads.
  • About payment or card options Cards and addresses saved in Payments show up in forms only when you’re signed in to Chrome and you have a Payments account.

Autofill forms setting for Android phones and tablets

  • Open chrome browser on your Android phone or tablets
  • Touch the chrome menu where it will give you an option to setting
  • Touch setting>> and touch autofill form, now it will expand options, touch the entry you want to edit
  • To edit your info, you need to touch the particular field you want to edit
  • When you completed, don’t forgot to save setting which is in right corner
  • Now the Cards for Payment and addresses saved in Payments show up in forms only when you’re signed in to Chrome and you have a Payments account.

These all Autofill setting is separate for each os and devices, but the most useful for computer laptop, where can take full advantages of it, with this blog post we mention all the setting for devices such as iPhone, iPad, Laptop, Desktop, Android smartphone, Tablet and many more devices.

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