Many Nuisance callers hide their number so that you can’t block them and it’s a situation that not easy to overcome if you want to know that how to block such kind of numbers in your Smartphone you have to follow this lesson.

Before we proceed further we have to know difference between unknown numbers and private numbers. Usually a number is displayed rather than a name if it is not in your contacts list such kind of number known as unknown numbers. But with Private numbers caller’s number is hidden so you can’t see who is calling you and you can’t call them back so here we explain how to block private numbers on your Smartphone.

How to Block Private Numbers in Apple iOS

If you are using iOS 7 or later version of iOS (because the Block Numbers features on iPhone was added in iOS 7), but it can only stop numbers when there is a number displayed.

When you see a ‘unknown ‘ displayed in your iPhone screen that mean it is a private number . If caller choose to hide their numbers in this way there is no option to block suck kind of numbers in iOS may be apple can add this features in iOS9.

The only way to stop such type of call is to create a list of allowable callers but it’s a slight risk in this method because you will miss some important calls or be unreachable in emergency situation.

You can also use Do Not Disturb permanently and filter the contacts from Allow Calls From option although this will stop private numbers but you can get alerts and notification from any other app in your iPhone.

There are some apps on app store which let you block private numbers but for that you have to jailbreak your iPhone and install it from Cydia. Some other apps which claim to be able to block private numbers but they use do not disturb feature of iPhone and not block calls directly.

How to Block Private Numbers on Android Smartphone

It is much easier to block private in Android Smartphone for example we take Samsung Smartphone it has Blocking Mode using this you can block all calls apart from your contact list and you can also allow notifications and alarms at the same time.

how to block private numbers in android

In case in your Android Smartphone the call blocking menu is not available then you can install a free app ‘Calls Blacklist’ form Google play store.This apps lets you create blacklists, whitelists and also stop calls from private numbers on your Android Smartphone.

how to block private numbers in android by app

How to Block Private Numbers in Windows Smartphone

In windows it is much easier than android and iOS if you are using Windows 8.1 or latter there is setting called call+SMS filter when you tap this option first time you will see a message an app is available just tap accept to install it in your Windows Smartphone.

How to block private numbers on Windows

After doing this , you can create blacklist by adding numbers to the list of Blocked Number within the call+SMS filter app.

Although it will not block the private numbers but you can do this by tap on advanced option which is also within the call+SMS filter app then you will find an option to ‘Block withheld numbers’ turn on this option after doing this you will not be disturbed by callers who hide their numbers or we can say private numbers.

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