When we buy a new Smartphone or we are a new user of Smartphone at that time we installed many types of Apps but after a while we realize that these are unwanted for us they only taking space of your handset so if you want to get rid of such kind of bloatware you have to follow this lesson how to delete unused apps permanently from your Android ot iOS handset.

But before we proceed we want to mention that apps which are pre-installed by manufacturers can’t be delete if you will try to delete such kind of app it simply says ‘disable’ not ‘uninstall’ , it can’t be deleted.

How to delete unwanted apps permanently from Android Smartphone

Deleting any apps from Android is so simple go to setting app on your handset once you are there tap on Apps which is  found in the device section by default it will open onto a list of downloaded apps How-to-permanently-delete-unwad-appsnext scroll down to list of apps and until you find the apps which you want to remove from your device.Tap to open it and select the uninstall button which will be located at the top of page and confirm the deletion.It will remove the app from your device.How-to-permanently-delete-unwanted-apps---Android

Even if you delete the app from your device it will still shown in list of downloaded apps in Google Play store if you want to reacquire it.To delete this from Google Play store as well go to the Google Play Store open the navigation tab in top left corner and select My apps option and go to the All tabs it will take you to a master list of all you downloaded apps where you will find the app you wish to delete and click on the cross icon in the right hand corner to erase it from the list.How-to-permanently-delete-unwanted-apps from google play store

How to delete unwanted apps permanently from iOS

Removing Apps from your apple device is so simple just long press on app icon which you want to delete until it starts jiggling around and a little red cross icon appears at the corner now tap on the red cross and confirm the deletion and this app will deleted from your device. If you want to restore the app from Jiggling to normal, non jiggly functionality press the home button.Although it will only work with apps downloaded from Apple store and not work for Apple’s pre-installed apps like Safari or Newsstand.IMG_0697

If you sync your Apple device to a mac or PC on a regular basis to iTunes then you have to also remove these apps from your iTunes library so that deleted apps can’t be re-download whenever you sync  in order to complete this task open iTunes on your computer and go to the apps section of your iTunes library Find that app which you deleted from your device, right click on it and select delete option.How-to-permanently-delete-unwanted-apps---iOS

But in case if you have purchased the app from app store then it will store in the ‘Purchased’ section of your account and you can’t delete them permanently.

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