Easter Bunny Easter egg SALE, if you would like to win a free gift, you will have to play Easter game on Gearbest. Just few hours back, Gearbest announce and update sale info on its official e-commerce site for upcoming Easter festival, in which company also add-on few random selection of winner after winning the game, in this game you will get one more chance to play after sharing the deal, they prepare the list of winning candidates, in between they offering free gift, in which they listed AGM M1 SMARTPHONE, Asling Screen protector, Tenfifteen rx9 smartwatch, Domino DM368 3G smartwatch company aim is to provide better deals to everyone.

This we could say big price drop on branded products, would you mind to have a big Easter sale, if we compare original price of product with Easter bunny deals, OnePlus3T 4g phone price only $419, as you know that MRP of this phone was $1032, next example is Mi band 2, you will get it at $21.89 and lots of more product at huge discount.eASTER bIG sale start

You can get the smartphones, tablets, drone, smartwatch, action camera, toys, electrical tools, computer networking, 3D printer and mobile accessories, Besides the above flash sale, you will also get a chance to play game after login using register mail, but there are few rules you need to follow during play, first you get six new easter eggs every day, break any egg for a chance to win a free gift, second rule each day you get one free change to smash any egg, rule third share Gearbest activity link to your social media profile every day for extra attempts even you can get 3 more change on daily basis, fourth rule, game time start from April 10 to April 17 UTC time and as finally we mention above sale was already started and will end in few days, Monday, 17 April.

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