Best Smartphone Buying Guide

Smartphone is one of the important need of users globally, everybody using Smartphone while they are doing anything like traveling, playing, jogging, sleeping, watching etc, it’s our private life to give some enjoy to our exhausted life, if you are new or already a Smartphone user and planning to buy a new Smartphone for your daily usage, here is some key point you should keep in mind before buying your budget Smartphone.How to Choose Best Smartphone in Your Budget

Decide Your Budget to Buy a Smartphone

At first you should decide your fix budget to buy a new Smartphone, so that you can think better to get a good choice within your budget, that is one of the most important point before deciding a phone specification, know if you decided your budget, yes I want to buy Smartphone with or under $300 to $400 , at this point you fixed your budget, now you can give effort to buy a better Smartphone within this budget.
Important Point Before Buying Smartphone

How to Choose Best Smartphone Specification

For choosing better phone specification you need to have some bit technical knowledge about Smartphone Manufacturer (Brand), Design, Performance, Operating System, Software, Storage, Display Sizes, Phone Connectivity, Battery Backups, after getting these all knowledge you can go further to choose your budget phone with your known configuration.

What Technical Specification You Should Focus on Smartphone

  • Smartphone Brand (Manufacturer)
  • Smartphone Model
  • Operating System
  • Smartphone Processor type, Manufacturer, Ghz, Series and GPU
  • RAM (Random Access Memory)
  • ROM (Storage) and Expendable Memory
  • Smartphone Screen Features
  • Display Type
  • Display Size
  • Display Protection
  • Camera in Megapixels with Pixel Capacity
  • Flash in Camera
  • Phone Connectivity Navigation Technology (GPS), USB, BLUETOOTH
  • Internet Phone Network Support (2G, 3G, 4G)
  • Phone Sensors
  • Phone Dimensions
  • Smartphone Battery Capacity, Type and Battery Backup
  • Multimedia Supports Video, Audio, Call, Recording, FM Radio and Many more
  • Brand Warranty and Accessories

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