There are many ways to make Google Chrome browser faster but if you want to make web pages load faster, you have to use Google’s prerendering method about this method Google explain in blog post.

First of all we explain what is Google Prerendering ? We will explain it through a Example suppose you are on a web page and there are links like next page or read more as soon as you will click on these link Google will serve the next page instantly and also it will increase the speed of your Google Chrome browser, the web pages you enter in address bar predict by your Chrome Browser and show them as you hit enter button instantly actually browser does all these sort of thing by looking at your browsing habits.

Follow below steps to enable this option in your Computer

  • Click on the three horizontal line (hamburger Sign)  which will be locate at the top right corner of your Chrome Browser and open the Settings option of it.go to settings
  • Now go to Settings and search for Show Advanced Settings (CTRL+F in windows machine and Cmd+F in Mac) and click on advanced setting
  • Now go to Privacy section of advanced settings area and check the option Prefetch resources to load pages more quickly.privacy section of chrome browser

But if you are using a Android Device , You have to follow below steps

  • Go to your Chrome browser menu and open Settings.
  • Under Advanced section look for Privacy and open it.
  • After that look for the option Prefetch page resources.
  • Now you will show three different option ,choose the desired one to make your Chrome browser faster the three option are as follow.
  1. Always: This option will always preload webpages even if you are using mobile data so it will consume a large amount of data.
  2. Only on Wi-Fi: This is the default option so Chrome will only preload web pages when you are using a Wi-Fi network.
  3. Never: If you have a limited data plan and you do not want that Chrome will preload web pages then select this option to stop Chrome from preloading the web pages.

That’s it this is the simple and best method of making your Chrome browsers faster if you find this post helpful please give your thoughts or if you are still having any problems let us know by comment section below.

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