Top 10 Internet browsing trends of Global smartphone users

Google is one of the most used website around the globe in which all users search for anything, Google get billions of query each day, in which google has to decide best one for users, Google automatic search algorithm decide which result to show on the top, each year Google announce the complete trending list of top most searches on trends panel, where it display the complete details according to categories, with this screen you can also filter most of the option such as location, trends, categories, keyword, region.

In which company reveals many new things. Such as top most searches people, movies, TV shows, people, music, news, global sporting events, consumer tech, with its country, location, region, particular search term. Google collect all the query information and after completion of year display the list after calculating searches, The gathered information to provide all internet users Google create platforms which named as Google trends, where you get all the important searches revealed.Consumer Tech top searches Globally

Global List of Top Searches Smartphone, Tablet Online in Year 2015

We are going to announce complete list of gadgets online, in which you will get top searches revealed from Google, the biggest thing is that Apple still dominating in the field of Gadget manufacturer.Top searches for smartphone globally in 2015

  1. iPhone 6S
  2. Samsung Galaxy S6
  3. Apple Watch
  4. iPad Pro
  5. LG G4
  6. Samsung Galaxy Note 5
  7. Samsung Galaxy J5
  8. HTC One M9
  9. Nexus 6P
  10. Surface Pro

iPhone 6s most searched smartphone on Google globally, if we jump into deep of iPhone 6s regional interest, Singapore is the most in searches, View change over time, soon afterward, Singapore, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, Qatar, Malaysia, Lebanon and more. The search was on the top in September, because it was launched in the same month, remaining 9 smartphone also has something similar story, the month of launch, companies get millions of searches every day, and in the remaining month, numbers are very short.

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