How to Diagnose Sudden Drops in Website Traffic

All of the world website owners want to increase traffic to their website, whether he did not have anything in their website, it confirms that you are very lazy, so if you work online, you do not have to show at all laziness, absolutely delighted to fulfill your duty to the best holding the Secure, but it also should not accept defeat, no matter how well you’re in trouble, always finding solutions to holding on the Top.

When you will be working online a bit, you will have time to time difficulties come on, do not try to escape from work. But holding the Secure Solution, given its shortcomings, step by Step Select a Solution, well, lots of website traffic is down due to many cause, but we have mentioned very advanced points in this blog post.Sudden Search Traffic Drop - Website Duplicate content

Though Google fix website rankings according to their Algorithms, there are some facts that have their own idle considers it to be fixed the ranking, expert is considered that Google search quality team make more than 500 changes on their algorithms in a year, so they could provide best possible results to their search engine users.

The 18 points we have mentioned, in the manner it deems to your website with the Practical, as well as try to give solution for how to Diagnose a Sudden Drop in Website Traffic, staffing keywords in your website should not perform, many users ask question to experts how to diagnose sudden drops in website organic traffic, most of the web users use Google as their primary search engine for searching anything online, so most of the traffic drop occur due to Google changes some technical things in their algorithms.

First search for what caused your website traffic to drop, most of the time traffic goes down due to down organic ranking of website, day by day analytics get fall, If you are thinking about increasing traffic, so Get Ready for all important steps to solve those may be cause.Why my website organic traffic suddenly goes down

First things you should put in your mind Google proceed your website data in this format, Crawl >> Index >> Fix Ranking accordingly, so, keep in mind that it takes a little time to change the Google rankings when you make changes on your site, changes will affect them too little too late, whether it be bad or good, you must be pay so much patience for result, you also aware about all the website will affect with more pages or post, which has at least more then 3000 pages or post, where you will get all the errors.

  • Bad Linking may be the cause of Sudden organic traffic Drop

If someone else link your website with other ALT text, in that situation your website traffic will be drop by 10 to 30% within few days after linking, in this situation you have to monitor your website on daily basis, to check links details with their ALT text. If you found bad link send them email regarding removal request, if they will not take action so use Google disavow tool to remove or disable the link from Webmaster tools.

This blog post we are writing for mid-level or advance level seo expert so that they can easily understand by reading only heading of title.

  • Website Duplicate content Copied from other sites
  • Thin Content
  • Algorithmic update
  • Usage of H1 Tags
  • Unwanted usage of Tags
  • Website security issue (Malware and unwanted software)
  • Google manual action penalty
  • Duplicate titles of website
  • Mobile Optimize
  • Structured Data
  • Error in your website .htaccess file
  • Pure Spammy site
  • URL Parameter
  • More 404 Pages
  • Website hack
  • Checking of Google analytics code
  • Negative SEO impact
  • Cloaking
  • Keyword Stuffing

Theese all important aspect of traffic suddenly down, do follow these all information step by step and view your site. If you have more question and solution related to sudden traffic drop please share with us on comment.

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