Nokia pdevice

Former mobile giant Nokia is back the company has announced its plan to return to the world of Phones, Smartphones and Tablets and this time it will come with Android platform.

Nokia has granted HMD a new mobile company led by the world’s top most mobile specialists the HMD is the newly founded company based in Finland the company will be headed Arto Nummela as CEO who was also a senior Nokia exec in the past and currently managing phone division of Microsoft.

HMD will create the new generation of Nokia-branded Mobile phone and tablets and Nokia will set standards for performance and brand requirement HMD will raise $500 million in the Global market over the next three years to get back the Nokia brand to its former level.

Apart from that there is another company FIH Mobile limited which is a subsidiary of Foxconn will acquire the rights from Microsoft for Nokia Feature Phones in the second half of this year for $350 million and it will also acquire Microsoft’s Vietnam Mobile wing along with its 4,500 employees which are responsible for manufacturing the Nokia-Branded feature Phones.

Although it is clear that Nokia will come back into the market with Android Smartphone and Tablet but there is still much work for HMD to do so we will need to wait for a little bit longer time to see the nex generation Nokia Phones and Tablets.

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