There are different-different ways to find password for your current Wi-Fi network in this article we will tell you about these methods in a simple way although these methods are simple but some are little bit tricky follow this post so that you can easily find your Wi-Fi network password.

Some time it is very irritating situation when forget our Wi-Fi network’s password where you already connected your device but to connect a new is harder when we forget the Wi-Fi password.So here we will solve this problem by different methods on different platform.

Here we will see how we can find password on Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android platform.There are different-different method for each one follow along with methods below.

How to Find Wi-Fi Password in Windows using Command Prompt

  • First open your Windows machine and type cmd in Start menu to open Command Prompt.
  • Now right click on cmd and Select Run as command promt in your windows pc
  • Once you open the command prompt you need to type the following command in command prompt and hit enter button.

netsh wlan show profile name=bahuballi key=clear

Note:Replace name value with your own Wi-Fi network name.

  • After that you will see details and your Wi-Fi password as key content as like below screen.find wi-fi password by command prompt
  • If you want to know about your previous Wi-Fi connections type the following command it will list all your previous connections.

netsh wlan show profileslist your previous wi-fi connections by cmd

How to Find Wi-Fi Password in Windows Without Command Prompt

If you not want to use command prompt to retrieve Wi-Fi password then you can try general method of finding password for Wi-Fi network just follow below steps.

  • Open your windows machine’s control panel.
  • Now look for Network and Sharing Center and select and open it.
  • Now select Change adapter settings which will be located in top left corner of the panel.find wi-fi password using general method in windows machine
  • Once you open that select Wi-Fi network and right click on it and select Status from the drop – down menu as like screen status from drop down menu
  • Now a pop up window will open click on Wireless Properties on that pop up on wireless properties
  • Now click on security tab on next pop window and check the show characters option to find the Wi-Fi password for your current on security tab for wifi network password

How to Find Wi-Fi Password in Mac Using Terminal

Terminal is just like Command Prompt for Apple Mac Computer. To retrieve Wi-Fi Password in Mac follow below steps.

  • Open Spotlight by pressing Cmd+Space and then type terminal to open the terminal Window.
  • After that type following command in terminal (replace bahuballi with your wi-fi network name)then enter your mac username and password.

security find-generic-password -wa bahuballi

Now it will show you your current Wi-Fi network password in plain text.

How to Retrieve Current Wi-Fi Network Password in Linux

  • First open the terminal in your Linux computer by pressing Ctrl + Alt + T.
  • After that type following command in terminal window (replace bahuballi with your wi-fi network name) then enter your Linux username and password.

sudo cat /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/bahuballi | grep psk=

Now you will find your Wi-Fi password in Linux machine.

  • In case if you want know the previous network name type following command in terminal.

               sudo grep psk= /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/*

How to Retrieve Current Wi-Fi Network Password in Android

Finding Wi-Fi Password in Android Device is little bit tricky then above methods as to get back password for our current Wi-Fi network we need to root our Android device and a free app ES File Explorer installed on it. So follow below steps to recover your Wi-Fi Password on Android device.

  • Open ES File Explorer in your rooted android device and then go to menu > local then tap on select device here it will ask for super user permission just click and allow it.
  • Now open the directory named data and look for misc folder under it.
  • Now open folder wifi and look for wpa_supplicant.conf file and open it as a text file.
  • Now look for SSID which is your Wi-Fi name under it you will find your current Wi-Fi network password as psk.

So in this way you can find your lost password in Wi-Fi network .If you find this article helpful give your thoughts on it by your comment.

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