Windows 10 is most powerful operating system of year 2015, with this operating system Microsoft make huge changes on working principle of Windows, some small and bit big changes take place with this operating system, now people usually install and uninstall programs from their pc, now question arise form users, how we can uninstall all or required install programs which is in Windows 10 PC or Laptop.

What often happens is that we tend to install any software, but we later discover that she is not good software program. And we should uninstall the software, but now comes the how, to perform this operation, there are some simple steps to.

Steps to Uninstall Software Programs and Apps from Windows 10 PC

  • Open you start panel and search for control panel, after typing this work you will get Control panel click on that, now one new window will openHow to Uninstall Programs from Windows 10
  • Now you will see many options, those all are related to computer master setting, but you need to first choose your view from right top large icon and small icon after choosing large icon you will see at bottom left programs >>Uninstall Programs.unstall apps from windows 10
  • You will see one new windows where you will get all the information regarding all the installed apps or software.Choose a Software Which you want to uninstall
  • Now choose a software which you want to remove or uninstall, simply double click on it it will give you more options regarding how to uninstall completely.

There is another simple method to uninstall software from your computer, just you need to open File Explorer now you see there all the drives, you have to go and see the path of files or change the path with Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features, with this option you will directly reach at exact place where you want to go, from here you can uninstall programs and apps.

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