How to Disable Location History In Windows 10

Location history detection features included with windows 10 PC, your location, some users really don’t want to use that features with their devices, this features contentiously check your device (Phone, Computer) location when get connected with internet, to get rid from location history pause you need to follow some easy steps those will help users to stop location history with windows 10.

These all setting comes under privacy of your device, by default you will see, this is enable, but, if you don’t want to use this feature so you need to keep it off for your personal convenience, it’s safe to put it off for your some personal usage, when location is on location obtained to meet the needs of your installed apps and some other usable services will be stored for limited time on the device, using this features you can easily clear location history as well.

Easy steps to Turn of Location history features with Windows 10 PC or Mobile Phone

  • First step is simply you have to logged in with your Windows 10 PC, then go to the setting of Windows 10 using
  • To choose setting page for Windows 10, go to start menu and type setting, it gives you an option for setting app for Windows 10.How to turn off Location history in Windows 10 PC
  • Now click on that, after clicking it will give you more options, click on Privacy, it will give you an option about Privacy of your computer.How to Turn OFf Location history storage feature in windows 10 PC and Mobile Phone
  • Now choose location option which you will get after general option click on that
  • Here you will be able to see many new option to turn off location history with your Windows 10 device.Turn off Location History in Windows 10
  • Now click on location and choose off, by default it’s turn on.How to Clear Location History and Permanently Turn off Location History in Windows 10

This feature may help Windows 10 users to clear location history as well as turn off location history permanently, which was on by default, this is amazing feature with windows 10 PC, it will maintain your device security in terms of tracking your device history.

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