Recently Facebook added a new feature in its website which known as Autoplay video so when a user will scroll his/her Facebook account videos will play automatically although it is a good feature but for some reason it is not good in a situation where internet connection is slow or in case user want to get rid of this as videos use more data than other media content in Facebook.

The good news is that there is a different method of disabling autoplay feature in iPhone like you can only turn on this feature in high internet speed like in Wi-Fi connection. iPhone Facebook app is more customized you can set your own setting to turn off video autoplay for the Facebook app in iPhone.

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So if you are using any model of iPhone (iPhone 4S, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S)follow below steps to turn off auto play Facebook video on your Apple Smartphone.

Turn Off Autoplay Facebook video on iPhone Easy Steps

  • Open Facebook app in your Apple device.
  • Now go to More button (Which will be located at the bottom right screen with three horizontal line icon) and scroll down your screen.
  • Next look for Settings tab and tap on it.Now you will see a pop-up window like below screen and tap on the Account Settings.turn off Autoplay facebook video on iPhone, iPad
  • Next go to Videos and Photos tab and tap on Autoplay option under VIDEO SETTINGS.How do I disable the video autoplay Facebook.
  • On the next screen of your Apple device, you will see three option which look like below options.
  1. On Mobile Data and Wi-Fi Connection
  2. On WiFi Connections Only
  3. Never Autoplay VideosHow to disable auto-play for videos in Facebook for iOS

You can select any of the above options according to your need, for now, select Never Autoplay Videos.

As you learn that turning off autoplay Facebook videos is an easy solution on iPhone.Try This setting on your Apple device.


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