How to stop Background Apps in Windows 10

Users always want to make their pc faster, but due previous setting of windows 10, where all the apps are in running, what will happen in that condition, your computer power will be used to run these all apps, all users always want to keep their computer safe and faster.

Steps to Stop Running Apps using Simple Setting

  • Go to computer start panel and type keyword Setting after typing setting keyword it will shows you an option setting.
  • Just click on it, after clicking it shows you an option where 9 setting, you need to click on Privacy button.How to Stop Running Apps in Windows 10
  • Now you will be on Privacy window, and many more options on left hand side, just scroll the options at last you will get an option Background Apps just click on it.Stop Running Apps in Windows 10
  • Now you will see more running apps on screen, where also get an option to on and Off background Apps.Option to Stop Running Apps in Windows 10
  • Click on off button to stop those apps which you don’t want to use currently, after completion of this process you computer will not take much resources usage from ram and CPU.

Now these all small changes make your computer very fast, this time you also can stop all unnecessary apps which you don’t want to use, all the usage of CPU and RAM you can use with other works, many users don’t no how to stop all apps and which is an important apps for us, so it’s very simple to get information about apps, all cases, clock, calendar, photo, store, maps not required, so make sure if you use these apps don’t do it off.


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