Smartphone are very handy devices they can help us in all situation but do you know you can also decode reasons of babies cry using your Smartphone it sounds amazing.Recently Taiwan’s developers have made such kind of app who can tell the reasons of babies crying by detecting your babys cries.

It will be very difficult for detecting why babies cry especially for new parents that’s why a team of researcher from Taiwan have developed such app who can decode the reasons only by using your Smartphone.

This app is made by National Taiwan University Yunlin Branch and the name of this app is “The Infant Cries Translator”.They claim that this app can detect different-different ways of baby cry they match the babies cries with a large database according to that result it tells why baby crying.

How The Infant Cries Translator App Works.

To use this app on your device, you have to hold down the recording button of the app for 10 seconds after that it will upload that sound on the cloud drive and after passing with many types of process check the results in 15 seconds and send this data to your Smartphone. For making this app they collect hundred infants and record their crying sound two hundred thousand Time.

According to a researcher this app can detect four different sound of babies cries it can tell you that is your baby is hungry, in Sleep, in pain or wet diaper then it will give you the result.

According to developers, this app is 92 % working correctly on the infant (below then 14 days) till now.As the baby will grow accuracy of the app will decrease accordingly.They think that this app will work correctly upto six-month infant.

You can download this app from Google Play Store and Apple Play Store.

So What you think this award winning app for detecting babies cries.If you know about any other amazing app like this one so please share about that in our comment box.

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