Create print of Google Tasks

Gmail is most useful service which is freely available on the web manage and created by Google inc, as per time goes company add lots of important features into it, to attracting users and to providing best possible solutions, now a days it one of the top of in terms of user base, billions of users use Gmail every day.How to Create Tasks and Also create print for Google tasks

Most beautiful advantage of Google Gmail is, it’s free of cost, we don’t need to pay any single $ for its usage, it’s most secure, you don’t need to think about space, because it’s already providing 15GB free space, it’s enough for personal usage, and there is no restriction to create new account with single owner, can create multiple accounts

With Gmail account you can create new task on daily basis to fix your work, as well as easily can done those on date basis, if you require to print those task this is also easy to create a print for that, can print whole task list by adding those task on print listHow to Take a Print of Gmail Tasks List

For printing task list follow those steps

  • Login to your Gmail account
  • After login you need to click on Gmail sign left hand top corner where it will shows 3 more option to do, Gmail, Contacts, Tasks
  • You need to click on task tab, after clicking tasks tab it one new tab with task, where move cursor, it will shows you an option to write something
  • Write your task what you are going to do, write approx. 4 task
  • After writing you also can print those task by clicking on print task button
  • Now click on Action button where it will give you lots of options, at 9th position you will see an option, Print task list
  • You need to click on that Print task list, where you will get new window which is a print page
  • You can see those tasks with zoom and as well as save those into your desktop
  • Or you can set your local destination for printing

This post will help users to create new task and manage to them using several method, Google Gmail provide lots of usable features.

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