How to Create New folder on Google Drive

Don’t get confuse about how to do all these things with our smartphone, either you have IOS or Android devices, this is few click approach to perform, many internet and smartphone users have questions about how to create folder, share it with friends, so that our friends can take a part in that, and at last they also can save the final work inside the folder, in technical term you can call it directory.Create and manage folders in Drive on Android

Google drive interface like you are using your personal computer offline, it’s so fast and user friendly, you can create folder, upload or create your data inside the folders, and share it with accordingly using many ways, using drive, messaging, Google+, hike, Bluetooth, Gmail, Hangouts, keep, these all are the way to share content with others.How to share - Drive using Smartphone Android and IOS Devices

Steps to create new folder into Google Drive using your mobile phone

Now come to the steps to create folder inside of Google drive using your smartphone, for that just open Google drive, and click on right bottom + sign, after clicking on the + sign phone will give you an option FOLDER just click on it and type the name of folder xyz, and upload a data into it. After uploading the data more options will be open for you in your smartphone.Google Drive Sharing and Collaborating

Settings are you can add peoples to collaborate with you, share link publicly using various method, you also can Rate your data image before sharing, also can move from one folder to another inside Google drive, send file with friends and family using same multiple ways, if you want to download the data on your phone, so Drive will give you an option to download it directly into your smartphone, sometimes users want to rename data before share so Google drive come up with this functionality also, you can easily rename your image or any other data name inside your folder.How to Share Folders and Collaborate Using Google Drive

Now come down and see an option keep offline and online also if you turn it left it will show offline and if turn it right it will shows you Online, this option for friends and family can not show you are online of offline.

Now scroll down, now you see link share is on option, using this option you can easily share your link on Google plus, when you click on it, this will give you an options, can edit, can view, Turn link share OFF option, you have to choose first option if you required to someone else will edit the data then press ok. now your share setting will save for long.Who Can View or Edit your Shared Files in Google Drive

Now you able to share link using various methods, such as Google+, Drive, Message, hike, Bluetooth, Gmail, Hangouts, Keep, these are the options to share data of Google drive folder using smartphone (Android, Apple device (IOS)).How to share Google Drive folders without making the files disappear for everyone.

After share this you have to choose an better option, for private share you have to choose Gmail, Message, Hangouts, hike and Keep, and for public sharing, you need to choose Google Plus, so that each and every user can take a part into that.

Share Multiple Files with friends and family using Mobile devices

This setting only for single image of single file, if you are sharing or sending multiple files so options will be different, if you are interested to share multiple files using Google drive, so you need to collect all those files by creating new folder, and just paste into the folder, now you can share folder with same methods, now all the options will be same for that, edit save, share, delete and all.

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