Xiaomi is most popular for smartphone, smartwatch, today we have self-balancing scooter with amazing premium design, the sale stats a few days back will end in few more days here the balancing scooter is listed with 29% discounted price, just for $489.99, and available in China warehouse option, the good news for German users you will get this product with free shipping option and if you live in the United States you will need to pay a few dollars to get the same product at your doorstep, especially the design is Shocking, ergonomic design from top to bottom.

Buy Xiaomi Ninebot miniPRO 10.5 inch 2-wheel Self Balancing Scooter Online

Xiaomi Ninebot miniPRO 10.5 inch 2-wheel Self Balancing Scooter comes in two colors it has two tires with black colors, as we mention above its self-balancing scooter, if you looking such a great self-balancing elegantly design scooter so this is your right choice, the device is lightweight but strongly designed, it made with aluminum-magnesium alloy base can bear a load up to 100Kg, it means healthy person can easily fit into that, and we assume that there are more than 85% global population fit for that those who can easily drive this scooter.Xiaomi Ninebot miniPRO 10.5 inch 2-wheel Self Balancing Scooter Flash Sale

The Xiaomi Ninebot miniPRO 10.5 inch 2-wheel Self Balancing Scooter is Quicker, longer and safe to ride, work with 400W two motors with 18 kilometers/hour speed, backed with 3010Wh Li-ion battery, and gives 30 Kilometer mileage, there has an option to limit handle height as per needed, you can fix it to 63-95cm as per requirement, the main board is where you keep your foot control with PU foam which is anti-slip, and shockproof, the scooter designs in a scientific way where you can feel more comfortable during your ride.

Xiaomi Ninebot miniPRO 10.5 inch 2-wheel Self Balancing Scooter Buy

If you are thinking of Xiaomi Ninebot miniPRO 10.5 inch 2-wheel Self Balancing Scooter height and ground clearance, all because most of the technical person first search for technical details, so you are getting 9cm ground clearance, 10.5 inches inflatable rubber tire, even the scooter can easily pass different grounds. Additionally you can drive the same scooter in rough surfaces, road breakers, and little bit high altitude, Xiaomi made is more intelligent so that they can give outstanding results at time when people use it, due to multiple precise sensors it works intelligently using its algorithm for different riders, adapted for different riders by analyzing their riding habits.

Xiaomi Ninebot miniPRO scooter has both side lights front and rear as well which is visible up to 5 meters, even there is an option to set light color through App, and it’s automatically set the brightness accordingly, additionally it had two more lights like every car or bike has, turning light and breaking light, and you can control the whole scooter using use smartphone by installing it’s suggested App, if you are a students, office guy, teenagers.

Xiaomi Ninebot miniPRO scooter also features IP54 waterproof, 18650 Li-ion battery pack, Bluetooth 4.0, working temperature -10 – 40 Degree.C, for the dimension 55.20 cm x 26.00 cm x 63.00 cm, 13.40 kilograms weight, enjoy the flash sale.

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