Conver file from .EXCEL to .CSV Format FOR Windows 10 and MAC PC

Windows 10 is one of the most popular operating system from Microsoft, and MAC from APPLE INC, which is launched with millions of devices, now you can get usually lots of functionality with this, but for MS OFFICE you have to buy new licence to use that software, which will help you to solve your documented work easily. How to Convert .Excel file to .csv file online

Now come to the exact point how we can convert .xls format to .csv with windows 10 and MAC PC as well, you know that you can use Microsoft Office for both platform MAC and Windows, so this operation you can easily perform with both OS easily.Conver file from .EXCEL to .CSV Format

Steps to Convert Excel (.XLS) file to .CSV format in Windows 10

  • Open .Excel file which you want to convert
  • Now do whatever editing you want
  • Here you will see left top corner FILE Tab, click on that
  • Now it will give lot’s of options to new, open, save, save as
  • You have to click on save as, because you going to save existing save fileHow to Convert .Excel file to .CSV Online
  • Now choose location where you want to save that .CSV file
  • After choosing appropriate location just type a file name and type of file
  • Choose Save as type (CSV (MS-DOS)) and click on save button to save your fileChoose Text (MS-DOS ) to conver from Excel to .CSV File

this will convert your whole .excel file to .csv format without any external software

Steps to Convert Excel (.XLS) file to .CSV format in MAC PC

With Apple MAC operating system you have to open file and rest of steps is same like you save files, All the steps are same but at last when you choose file type to save as, just choose  .CSV (Macintosh) it will save file with .CSV extension for your Apple computer.

Above we describe most useful and easy way to convert file from one format to another with your both operating system without any effort.

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