We all know Narendra Modi (Prime minister of India) now he makes an easy way to connect the people with him for that you have to download Narendra Modi App in Your Smartphone.

Narendra Modi App Download in Your device using the following link.

If you are using an Android, Smartphone You can download from this link.

If you are using an Apple Handset, You can download from this link.

During his radio program, ‘Man Ki Baat’ prime minister said that using ‘Narendra Modi App’ we can connect with each other.He also said that it will give him so pleasure that people can now inform me about positive things around the nation.

He also adds that each people can download this app on your Smartphone to connect with me.

He said that I have to reach 1.25 billion people of India.Without your help how can I reach them.

In this Year month of June Narendra Modi had announced about this app.He twitted that “Launched Narendra Modi mobile app come let’s stay connected on the mobile!”.

Using this app, you can get the latest news about PMO India and you also get a chance to receive direct Email or messages from Prime Minister.

So What you think about this thought of Indian Prime Minister.Download this app on your Smartphone and stay connected with the Prime Minister if you are already using this app then please share your thoughts on it.

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