When you will first time configure Cortana in your windows 10 Computer it will asked to you register a new Username so whenever you will use Cortana it will calls you by this register Username.Before you proceed for registering a Usename on your machine first of all I want to give some overview about Cortana.Basically Cortana is a intelligent personal assistant program included in windows 10 through which you can give commands to your device and control it over your voice it is just like Siri in Apple.

If you want to Change Username in your Windows 10 Computer follow below simple steps for it could be anything like your name or address or whatever you want enter.

  • Open Cortana in your Windows 10 machine , Navigate to Notebook > About Me > Change My Name and enter your new Username in What you would like me to call you ? filed and click on Enter.cortana change username
  • After this we will proceed for hearing test for that click on Hear how I will say it to hear how Cortana will Says your name which you enter as a Username.if you find it right than click on Sound Good option to save your new settings or if you find it wrong then click on That’s Wrong and toggle your Microphone to teach Cortana how it will pronounce your name in correct way.test cortana

It is so simple to change Username in Windows 10 for Cortana.If you find this article helpful give your thoughts on it.

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