Change your language on Google in Android

Now approx billion of devices active with Android OS, you all heard about that it’s Google inc product, which is connect through all Google products, these all activity control through your personal emails which is hosted on Gmail server, but now question is how users can change your language on Google for search result using Android smartphone or any other devices.Change your Android Google Search Result Page

Many users have same question related to Google how to change search engine language in Android device, however it could be the measure of users difficulty related to language change.How to change search engine language

but you know that with Google search you can make different languages for different email id, such as you have to emails one is [email protected] and another one is [email protected], in that situation you can make different setting in Google search, in terms of Google search or other ads setting, so you can select different languages for both emails, for first email you can set your default search language English and for second email id you can set your language German.How to Change the Language in Android

But question comes how it’s possible, but there are few steps, just go to Contacts >> Accounts >>Google or add new email >>under Accounts >>Personal info &privacy >>Search setting >> Manage >> Scroll down >> Language of search result >> Add another language then select your language for Google search using email id and press save key.Change default android search engine in android

In this tab you will get more then 60 languages, choose your own language which you want to make search result language, you can perform this setting with multiple email ids, pressing save button all setting will be set for Google search.How can I keep Google from changing my language settings for search result in Android Device

Google made all setting from single place, for this setting choose from contact setting.How to change your Android Smartphone's foreign

This all given 7 step approach will help you make your search engine browsing experience better so that you can get best result accordingly

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