Most of the user want to use computer with their compatible languages, such as we know English so we will make our default language to English, but sometimes friends don’t know the English so what will you do to change language, so that your friends can easily access all the data of your computer, so that time language change option will help you.

Sometimes it’s also help family users also want to change language option. Mainly users has to use computer in required language, using this option you also can change computer with multiple languages, you will get more then 100 languages to choose, I also face a difficulty sometimes while changing language setting, one new question arise about Windows 10 users, many users face same kind of problems, we try to provide best and easy solution related to language, so that all the user can use computer accordingly.

Easy Step to Change and Add Language in Windows 10

  • After open computer go to your Setting page, by typing on search bar.How to Change Language of Computer in Winodws 10
  • After typing and clicking on Setting page, page will open and show you options.
  • Now Click on Time & Language, after clicking on it new screen will open and shows you three options left hand side.How to add language in Windows 10 OS
  • Options are Date & Time, Region & Language, Speech, you have to click on Region & Language.How to Change Language in Windows 10
  • Now Click on Add language, after clicking on add language it will shows you an options to choose language accordingly.Change and Add New Language in Windows 10

These all options will help you to enjoy and access all the important data in your own language, also can change time from same panel.

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