How to Add new best theme into Google chrome browser

By default there is multiple options available with Google chrome browser, by adding some apps from Google official app store we can make our browser more functional to work better and enjoy the functionality of web browser. There are multiple add-ons available online in which we can choose and add with our Google chrome browser.

First time when you open Google app store, you will get multiple category apps with complete rating and reviews, you can filter apps by choosing options, you can get all the developed theme by going into, you can use app with any device which is compatible with Google chrome, device could be smartphone, laptop, desktop, tablet.Add new best theme into Google chrome browser

Steps to choose Best theme for YOUR Google Chrome Browser

  • First open your Google chrome browser on your device (Laptop, desktop, smartphone, tablet)
  • Now open your browser (Google chrome), go to setting page chrome://settings/, and choose appearance and click on Get themes.Top Rated Apps for Google Chrome Browser
  • Now it will directly redirect you on apps page where you will get many themes with complete details with rating.
  • Choose any one app and add it on your browser, few second latter after downloading app click on launch app button, now you will get changes on browser theme with your computer.
  • Google chrome display will completely change into new theme. When you click on theme it will shows more options, overview, review, support, related, question, suggestion, problem, rating, developer info, download info, version, update, ,Google share option, send using Gmail, size and language info.
  • If you don’t like new theme, so you can simply change it, default theme.
  • Don’t forget to give rating and review to apps and themes. It help others to use it in proper way.

These all given steps help all users to change browser default theme to new developed theme, with complete details. You also can choose top rated and downloaded themes form app store.

Top 10 Themes for Google Chrome Browser according to users Review, Rating and Download count.

  1. Fiery Music
  2. Marlies Dekkers
  3. Odell Catch
  4. Despicable Me Minions Partying
  5. James White
  6. Golden State Warriors
  7. Universe
  8. doge
  9. Star Wars VII: Millennium Falcon Sunset
  10. Yulia Brodskaya

The above given list comes in top most rated apps from Google chrome theme category, which is freely available to add within few clicks, always try to read description, review, rating, downloads, and version updates before adding themes.

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