How to Change Facebook Video Autoplay Quality

Facebook is world first social networking website which alone has more then one billions active monthly users, you can still change the quality of a video you are watching by clicking the HD icon in the video player, Facebook using it’s own developed player to play videos and share it, now each month Facebook get approx more the 45 billion video views. These settings only apply when you use the Facebook website. Follow this guide to change auto-play videos in your Facebook app.

Facebook was the single page website few year ago, now it’s completely a big platform where many companies work together for Facebook and open source developers create some new stuff apps wit Facebook developer platform.

It’s advertising market ground each year with big numbers, after getting huge amount of money from different enterprise advertisers companies, company work lots to develop it’s platform beautiful so that users will be online for long time, now Facebook has 2nd Alexa rank, with Bounce Rate-28%, Daily Page views per Visitor – 12.21, Daily Time on Site – 21.03, this is the overview about Facebook ranking and alexa stats.

Steps to Change Video Quality into your Facebook account

  • Login to your Facebook account by putting it’s username and password
  • Now click on setting of Facebook, you see right on sight screen, where it will give you all setting about Facebook.How to Change Video Quality of Facebook
  • With this setting page, you will see lot’s more, with apps and more settings Video Default Quality
  • Now you have to click on Videos Page at last, now you will be at Videos page where you will see setting about videos.How to Change Video Default Quality in FACEBOOK
  • Change videos setting, two important option related to videos Video Default Quality, and Auto-Play Videos.
  • You can change these setting to default to SD to HD, if you want to change these setting, simply select your option, now it will fix for your Facebook account.

This setting within change your Facebook video viewing quality, with this setting you auto play video view also change. With Facebook platform many companies drive traffic to their own official website by posting photos and catchy posts, video and many more.

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