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The kids like to play with strange devices even that is plastic toys or movable machine, they want something new and which is Interesting, as earlier I have to discuss other Xiaomi two tire self-balancing scooter which can carry up to 100 Kg of weight, today we have another scooter with discount coupon which is Xiaomi Beva Balanced Scooter with 3 tire, normally the scooter will cost you $82.99 with minimum shipping charges with global shipping options from China warehouse, but it cost-free shipping in some countries like United States, Germany, France, United Kingdom and few others, and if you live in Spain then it cost you only $4.5 shipping charges which are pretty low.

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Quantity: 50 Units

Xiaomi Beva Balanced Scooter has 3 tires, one on the rear and two on the front, and single hand on the middle of front tire, it comes in two colors, Pink and Green Apple Colors, recommended for 3 to 10-year-old kids, and if you are a mobile user you can save extra $11.00 using iOS and Android Apps.

Xiaomi Beva Balanced Scooter Online

The Xiaomi Beva Balanced Scooter comes with 3 adjustable heights, which is more comfortable option for kids those who needed, the steering is designed using gravity measurements so that it can easily balance children weight while riding, the scooter perform simple operating, so that your baby can easily learn sliding skills, the scooter comes with four security parameters, Which is something like this, safety and environmental protection, strong structure, stable and shockproof, skid-proof and easy to control.Xiaomi Beva Balanced Scooter GearBest Coupon Code Global Shipping

Additionally, Xiaomi Beva Balanced Scooter equipped with Stable chassis, sensitive brake, safe material, fruity appearance, even more, the handle is skidproof TPR handle made with aluminum alloy pipe rack, you can adjust height in 3 steps, such as first one 90 to 114 cm for 3 to 5-year-old kids, second 105 – 127 cm this one is for 5 to 7-year-old kids, and last third height 116-145 cm for 7- 10-year-old child, design-wise scooter is amazing, the dimensions are 22.44 inch x 11.02 inch x 27.17 inches, 3.10 Kg weight.

Xiaomi Beva Balanced Scooter Key Features:

  • For 3 to 10-Year-Old Kids
  • Two Colors Pink, Green Apple
  • 3 Adjustable heights
  • Gravity Steering design
  • Four Security Guarantees
  • Skid Proof TPR Handle
  • Aluminum Alloy design
  • Stable and Shockproof
  • 3 Height Adjust system.

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