Buy Dibea F6 2-in-1 Powerful Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner Just $86.99, Free Shipping

There is big demands over the world for Vacuum cleaner with multiple working options, and lower price, Dibea F6 is one of them with purple color option and without cleaning cloth, the vacuum cleaner only available for US users with US-LA warehouse option, and the positive point is without shipping cost & delivery time up to 5 days.

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The buyer those who looking for minimal use with lower price range, we suggest them to have single piece and use it, it helps you to do multiple works like car cleaning, house rakes cleaning, roof, tiles, even more, it has multiple functions with crevice tool to clean curtains and ceilings, comes with bristle brush to clean bookstand and sofa, for US users the Gearbest offering a big discount on the Dibea F6 2-in-1 Powerful Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner through which they can apply a coupon and get instant discount of $12.43.

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Equipped with 5.2 kps powerful suction and motorized cleaning head. Dibea F6 offer cordless service, its 2-in-1 handheld vacuum cleaner, while it comes with a lightweight design, and provide more accurate cleaning facility through which we can clean every corner of our home or office, it also saves our time.

Additionally, it’s powered by digital more to provide strong power up to 280 m/second vacuum speed, to clean all kinds of debris, dust mites and allergens. The Dibea F6 is equipped with soft carbon fiber rolling brush, comes with thick brush fur which is best suitable for any kind of floor cleaning, the vacuum cleaner supports 180-degree adjustable angle to clean under the furniture thoroughly.

It has 3 set of flexible wheels which give easy cleaning facility under the sofa, beds or on thin carpet, additionally it has multi-surface capacity which is ideal for hardwood, tiles, laminated floor, marble floor and rugs cleaning even sometimes you can clean your car floor from inside, additionally it supports air dust separation, purifying filtration, fine dust filtration, and large granularity dust filtration.

GearBest is doling out noteworthy $12.43 off the useful Dibea F6 2-in-1 Powerful Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner. The product would normally set you back $99.42, the vacuum cleaner can now be yours if you are willing to pay $86.99 only, enjoy coupon code – HOME1.

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