Doogee Breakthrough in Technology

Scientific and technological innovations of smartphone manufacturers impact the consumer round after round. Recently Doogee has developed the NCL process, which achieves a metallic texture in polycarbonate material. The process is expected to be used in the future after the completion of the late test.

With the ever-changing consumer demands, smartphone manufacturers have been devoted themselves to the breakthrough and innovation in material, except the update and upgrade in performance.Doogee first developed NCL process

In recent years, the material changed from polycarbonate to all kinds of alloy, and then to the carbon fiber and glass and even wood, ceramic. It is not difficult to find from series of evolution that the consumer requirements for the phone shell texture are getting harsh. Smartphone manufacturers continue to explore in the new materials, while the re-excavation of traditional materials never stop.

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As the most widely used material, the traditional polycarbonate features plasticity, impact resistance, with a certain degree of flexibility, and high transparency and free dyeing, makes the color can have a variety of options. Relatively weak antenna interference and light weight make the polycarbonate once sought after by the public. However, the traditional polycarbonate also has difficult unsolved problem, such as the poor texture and not wear resistant.

Except for the pursuit of modern new technology, consumers continue to express the desire for the optimization of traditional materials. Recently, Doogee successfully developed a new polycarbonate process – NCL process (NCVM coating laser), the perfect solution to the traditional polycarbonate problem of poor quality of texture and optimized and upgraded the visual effects of the texture.Breakthrough in technology, Doogee first developed NCL process

NCVM polymer metal deposits in the depth of the polycarbonate material which has been used in NCL process, forming microcosmic highlight texture, and then coats the matte metallic texture paint, these series of technologies enhance the grip smoothness, and make the material extremely close to the metal texture. Then, part of the paint coating can be removed by the laser engraving process at a very high degree of precision, penetrating the bottom of the bright coating, which makes complex pattern and design in the same plane possible. This technology makes advanced polycarbonate material achieve aluminum alloy sandblasting anodized and highlight metal effects, and a high degree of simulation of metal luster and texture.

In the modern trend of appearance and material convergence, a style more and more simple, the new polycarbonate process greatly enriched the ID design language, so that the appearance of a smartphone more diverse. Compared with metal, glass and other materials, the new polycarbonate has better plasticity, drop resistance and portability, and the signal interference is weak, which is more conducive to improving the quality of communication, to providing consumers with higher use value.Doogee Breakthrough in Technology for Mobile Phone

Whether the emergence of double-sided curved screen, the innovation of flexible screen, or the deepening of fingerprint recognition technology, the research to technology of smartphone manufacturers are building blocks for the development of the industry. And for the innovation of traditional materials, in another point of view promoting the changes of smartphone phone industry also.

It is understood that, the current NCL process has begun in some Doogee products on a conservative attempt, and in the future, how does this process will be used, what kind of product will be presented in front of the public, these are still unknown. Research and development and innovation of Smartphone manufacturers at all levels continue to bring surprises to consumers, It can be conclude that the future of the smartphone market will be more dazzling.

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