Recently Facebook added a new feature in its messaging app now you can orders your transportation service using Facebook Messenger App.Although it’s not a new idea as WeChat a messaging and calling app used outside the USA also allow its users to book cabs on ridesharing platform such China’s Didi it is a ridesharing app like Uber.But according to Facebook, this idea is not inspired by WeChat “For us We are more inspired by how we see our users using Messenger and we just saw the growing popularity of group chats and this is one of the best cases of Why Messenger’s so great “ Said Facebook product manager Seth Rosenberg.

Right now this service is only available for US users and the good deal is that if you book any Uber cab via Facebook Messenger then you will get a $20 credit.

One more feature they added in this app is while you book your Uber cab at the same time it sends a notification to  your friends which are available in a chat thread at that time.

How to Book a Uber Car Using Facebook Messenger?

Before you proceed you have to enable Location Services in Your device.Follow the instructions for booking a Uber cab via Facebook Messenger.

  • Open Facebook Messenger in your device and select a conversation.
  • Now select the three dots icon located above the keyboard.Book an Uber on Facebook Messenger
  • Now select Transportation on the next screen.Now book Uber cabs via Facebook Messenger
  • If you are using Uber first time, Select Continue to get your $20 credit for your first ride.If you have already an account with Uber than select I Already have a Uber account.How to Book an Uber on Facebook Messenger
  • Now create your new account with Uber or login with your Uber credentials. After That tap on Allow button.Facebook Messenger Lets You Book an Uber
  • Now set your location and destination, and tap on the Request button.
  • Now you have all set you and your friend in chat thread will be notified once you requested the Uber ride and cab will be arrived at your location to receive you.

That’s It so it so simple to book a Uber cab with Facebook Messenger so what you think about this transportation service of Facebook Messenger let us know about this feature by your comments.


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