How to Disable Camera for Website with Windows 10 PC using Google Chrome Browser.

With Windows 10 laptop you can use video conferencing or capturing pictures using its front facing camera which is top of the lid, there are different type of camera with different devices, this feature is comes from browser, which you can use with Windows 10 PC, however browser can control web related activity which our computer cannot do, Google chrome is one of the most popular browser from Google open source community, it’s most secure and high performance browser.

With Google chrome you can do many activity simultaneously, such as can open multiple tabs to open many website, change security setting, language, privacy and many more, the most important thing about Google chrome is it’s freely available on the web including timely updates.Don't allow website to access your camera

Easy steps to stop your Laptop Camera for Websites (Do not Allow website to access you camera   

This time we giving you an example with Windows 10 Laptop in which we go deep from starting to endpoints, in which you can easily turn off setting.

Steps to disable camera for websites               

  • Open Google chrome in your laptop or desktop to change it’s setting.
  • Now go to setting of Google chrome browser in which go to Advance setting.
  • Just scroll down and choose inside Privacy >>Content setting
  • Scroll down and search for camera option with new popup window, where it will shows you default selected camera with default setting
  • There are two important setting, Ask When a site requires access to your camera, and do not allow sites to access your camera
  • Choose second option do not allow camera and press Done button, setting will be save, now your camera will not work with website

Now you unable to use any website live chat or video conferencing features, this setting comes under browser privacy, the same thing you can do with MAC pc and laptop with Google chrome browser to hide or disable camera for websites.

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