Few days ago Apple had seeded iOS 9.3 public beta for developers now on 14 January 2016 Apple released the first public beta version of iOS 9.3 basically iOS 9.3 public beta version is available for beta testers who have sign-up for the Apple’s beta testing program, if you are a beta testers then you have to install public profile in your device and restart your iOS device.

Now go to Settings > General > Software Update to complete the process of iOS 9.3 updates.iOS 9.3 is a major update of iOS 9 operating system it comes with lots of features such as Night Shift, Secure Notes, Improvements in apps like CarPlay, News app and Weather and more.

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New Features in iOS 9.3 Operating System

Although Apple’s iOS 9.2.1 is still in testing but Apple surprising its users with an iOS 9.3 public beta version released on 14 January this is the major updates for iOS 9 till now.They introduced many new features as well as improved their previous apps such as Apple, Health, News app and more.

Here we will show you some of the best features of iOS 9.3 although this update is in beta but users can expect these features also included in the public version of operating system.

Night Shift

This is the new feature added in iOS 9.3 it will automatically change the color temperature of your iOS device by using clock and geo-location to determine the sunset time in your location means it will cut down the blue light of your device this setting will be available in Display & Brightness section of your Settings app by the name of Blue Light Reduction and also can Schedule the Night Shift from sunset to sunrise in your device.

Quick Actions

They improve the new 3D Touch Quick Actions for several apps such as Weather, Settings, Compass and health app they also improve the Quick Action for App store and iTunes Store Apps.


Now you can secure your notes under Note app using Touch ID or a password.So whenever you will open a note in your device it will ask for password of fingerprint if note is password or Touch ID protected.

Apple Watch

With this new update you can now pair your iPhone with more than one Apple Watch.Updates required in both.

Apart from these new features there are enhanced version of stock apps such as Siri, Live Photos, Apple Pay, CarPlay and more.

Also, Know About Apple’s Upcoming Car.

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