Best Performing Smartphones of 2015

Each year AnTuTu releases performance ranking report of all Smartphone all around the globe.In its new report (version 6.0) they included a cross-platform benchmark although in their previous report they only used to cover Android platform but this year they also include iOS platform in the list.

In the list, all are well known Smartphone brand from countries like China, USA and North Korea so if you are looking for a New Best Smartphone in terms of performance then you should try to look at the given list provided by AnTuTu

After including the cross-platform benchmark in the test, Apple’s latest Smartphone pair (iPhone 6S and 6S plus) included in the top ten chart and it makes this report test interesting for us.

Here is the Statistics Rules of testing

  • Statistics source version AnTuTu V6.0.
  • Statistics Method takes the average score of one device model, one chip model
  • At least 500 data sample for one device’s score

mate 8 tops the chart with 132K points and it is the most powerful Smartphone of 2015 it show that Apples A9 chipset is the fastest and powerful chipset in the world of Smartphone.

After that Huawei made mate 8 Smartphone list in the second position with 93K points with Hisilicon Kirin while it is surprising to see Meizu Pro 5 in the third position with 86K points leaving behind the big brand Samsung which rank in fourth and fifth position for their Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ respectively in the top ten chart.

Apple’s one more device iPhone 6S is also in the list at 6th position with 80K points on the other hand OnePlus 2 also in the list at 7th position with 79K points.In  8th and 9th position there is two other Chinese Smartphone maker LeTV 1Pro and Xiaomi Note Pro with 79K points and 78K points respectively.And Nexus 6p on the last position in the list.

After looking at the list, it is easily recognizable that Android platform is far behind than iOS and this report again proved that why people love Apple devices so what you think about this new list of powerful Smartphone of 2015 by AnTuTu please give your thoughts on it.

List of Best 10 Smartphone in Terms of Performance

  1. Apple iPhone 6S Plus
  2. Huawei Mate 8
  3. Meizu Pro 5
  4. Samsung Galaxy Note 5
  5. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +
  6. Apple iPhone 6S
  7. OnePlus 2
  8. LeTV 1 Pro
  9. Xiaomi Note Pro
  10. Nexus 6P

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