Its only a week remaining for this year, but 2015 has been a great year for Electronics Gadgets.This year we saw some most awaited devices from the big brand like Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC and Google.Here we list the top 10 electronics gadgets of 2015 according to Google search.

In this top, ten Gadgets list of 2015 all are big brands and we already know about each of them.So based upon the Google Search the top 10 Gadgets list of 2015 are given below take a look on them.

1- Apple iPhone 6SApple iPhone 6S

iPhone 6S top on the list this device got more than 41 million searches in September 2015.As this device was scheduled to launch in September 2015 and the minimum searches founded for this gadget in Google is around 8.8 million in the month of August 2015.

2- Apple WatchApple Watch

In the chart, Apple watches rank in the second position Apple watch was the most searched device throughout the year 2015 we can say that Apple watch was the product for which people took interests throughout the 2015 year in compare of other product.The maximum number of searches found for Apple watch was around 28 million in the month of March 2015 while the minimum number of searches found for this device was around 17 million in the month of February 2015.

3- Samsung Galaxy S6Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 rank in the third position on the chart.The search term Samsung Galaxy S6 starting picking up in the month of February 2015 where its minimum searches were found around 8.1 million and the maximum searches was found in the month of March 2015 which was around 21 million.

4- Nexus 6Nexus 6

Nexus 6 gain the fourth position in the list.Nexus 6 most searched in Google because of the two reason first one is that Nexus 6 is Google device and the second one is that each nexus device comes with a newer version of the operating system as this time they launched Android Marshmallow in their Nexus device.Most numbers of searches were found for Nexus 6 device in the month of October 2015 which was around 14.4 million.

5- Microsoft SurfaceMicrosoft Surface

Microsoft surface is the fifth most search term in Google.The main reason of Microsoft Surface remained in Google Search  is that it is first ever surface laptop of Microsoft.The maximum searches were found for Microsoft Surface in the month of 2015 which was around 14 million.

6- iPad ProiPad Pro

in the list, there is one other Apple device iPad pro.It remained almost constant search term in Google.It is most search term in the month of September 2015 because of its launch and the maximum number of searches found for this device in the month of November which was around 11 million.

7- LG G4LG G4

LG G4 is a search term which was searched  throughout the year in Google and almost constant in compare of iPhone 6S and Samsung Galaxy  S6 where they got more spikes in the month of their launches.The Maximum number of searches found for LG G4 in the month of November 2015 around a mark of over 10 million.

8- Samsung Galaxy J5Samsung Galaxy J5

Samsung Galaxy J5 remains in the Google search throughout the year just like LG G4 because of it low price and good features most of the Samsung devices are search using their model name in Google search.The highest number of Searches for Samsung Galaxy J5 was around 10 million in the month of November 2015.

9- HTC One M9HTC One M9

HTC One M9 is also launched in the month of march, but it does not get so much popularity because of other devices launch in the same month they did not get the mark of 10 million searches in Google this sounds not good for a brand like HTC.The maximum number of searches for HTC One M9 was around 7 million in the month of March 2015.

10- Samsung Galaxy Note 5Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Yet another device of Samsung makes its position on top ten list of Gadgets in Google search.This device was only search by the term Note 5 in Google .The highest number of searches for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 was around 3.6 million in the month of August 2015.

So what do you think about these top ten Gadgets of 2015 on Google?Which Gadgets do you like from the list please let us know about that by your comments?

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