GearBest New Logo Biggest Brand Upgrade, New Color, New Text

BGrowing to become one of the world’s leading online shopping websites, with over 40 million satisfied customers gained over 5 years, Gearbest maintains the same value and mission the day it was founded: passing the good and a quality life to the world.

As we pass the fifth anniversary milestone of Gearbest and head into our sixth year, we incorporated a radical new look to better reflect our core values and vision that have carried us this far. With that in mind, we are thrilled to share this exciting and fresh new brand identity to look forward to the next five years of Gearbest’s dynamic vision.

Core Inspirations:

Last year, our design team met to address several key points regarding the direction of our new brand identity and how best to communicate this compelling experience.

  1. A redefinition of the underlying tone of Gearbest focusing on a brighter, more energetic brand message.
  2. Stay true to the Gearbest’s origins, the maintaining brand consistency of the past five years.
  3. Project a clearer, simplified slogan to drive a modern vision of Gearbest

Evolving into a new Gearbest:

Thanks to the efforts and passion of 17 dedicated designers, and with over 40 exciting and original proposals, the new Gearbest logo finally crystallized: a classic black-and-yellow smiley icon transformed from G.

Choice of Colour:

The new Gearbest maintains the black and white roots from the old Gearbest, while incorporating a more vibrant, contemporary color: yellow. Each realizes a progressive idea given form:

White: simplicity, brilliance, and purity

Black: elegance, formality, and power

Yellow: positivity, cheerfulness, energy, and freshness

Together, this charismatic combination of three simple colors synergizes to epitomize the mission of Gearbest: to deliver the very best experience, to showcase the highest levels of professionalism to customers, and to help reinvigorate the positive energy that resides at the heart of every Gearbest visit.


Smile Icon:

A letter “G” recreates and reinvents the classic smile, representing Gearbest’s aim to be a place where all customers can feel inspired to shop at.

Text Font:

The new Gearbest logo uses a text font with fewer edges compared to the old one, reinforcing the message that Gearbest is a well-rounded brand, offering even more options to customers.

GearBest New Logo Biggest Brand Upgrade, New Color, New Text Updated Logo


Quality, Affordable, Fun:

A short, impassioned message from Gearbest to every individual customer, this represents the essence of Gearbest’s mission: to deliver a quality life to the world.

GearBest New Logo Biggest Brand Upgrade, New Color, Updated Logo

Quality: Premium product quality

Affordable: Shopping should be accessible to all

Fun: An experience that is entertaining, enjoyable and engaging

Brand Guidelines:

The new Gearbest logo contains two core elements:

  1. Icon
  2. Text: the font and space between letters cannot be changed and cannot be used alone without the icon

The basic logo is the primary official logo of Gearbest and, under most circumstances, should be the one used to represent us. The new Gearbest logo can be used in conjunction with the following background colors:

White/Light Colour

Black: can be used when the option above is incompatible.

Yellow: can be used when the option above is incompatible. In such cases, no icon background is used.

Standard representation:

GearBest New Logo Update Brand Upgrade

Black And White (monochrome):

GearBest New Logo Biggest Brand Upgrade, New Color

Reversed colors:

GearBest New Logo Biggest Brand Upgrade, New Color, New Text New Logo Design


Business Card:

A clear visual representation of the new, updated Gearbest logo on the business card is mandatory.

GearBest New Logo Biggest Brand Upgrade, New Color, New Text , Latest Brand Update

Phone Case:

GearBest New Logo Biggest Brand Upgrade, New Color, New Text, Best Update

Shopping Bag:

GearBest New Logo Biggest Brand Upgrade, New Color, New Text - Anniversary Update

Final words:

With dynamic, sustained growth, Gearbest has established itself as a global success over the past 5 years. This has only been possible thanks to every single one of our incredible customers supporting us. With this exciting new brand identity, Gearbest retains the same core values that it was founded upon. Gearbest will be here for all customers, new and old, for the next 5 years and beyond.

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