Banggood Concludes Its 13th Anniversary Sale Campaign, Reporting Sales 8M USD

Just a while ago, Banggood has finished a very big sale and the amount of the sale here was quite big, which means that according to the company, the figures coming out are very big. He has sold 8 million US dollars of the value amount of products in just three days, which is a very big amount, this was the 13th Anniversary sale duration.

You all will know that Banggood is a Chinese online retailer that focuses on business to customer cross-border e-commerce business and you know that brand sells their products more than 200 countries, and you know its 13th-anniversary sale in September month, which they have finished as a sale here, it means a very big offer.

And in this Anniversary Sale, the Banggood received about 160000 orders in these 3 days and there was this amount of 8 million US dollars, this all happens in just 3 days, even company has added 60K new users to their platform, they have got huge benefit, get more orders as well as more $$, this brand jump in to online business since 2006 and ship products more than 200 countries with prepaid method, to get paid they have used multiple payment methods according to country regulations.

The Banggood also focus on user experience as well as loading speed of the platform, so that user can get easy access from all around the world, optimize platform completely

The campaign operations manager (Grace Chen) of Banggood says that he has experienced something special in the event, such as the behavior of the user, he has created a lot of sale volume and a lot of traffic in this duration, although this sale was for a very short time. The company had kept a verity of products to attract more new users to their platform, as of now there are two methods to order websites as well as a mobile application.

The main objective of the company is to sell Chinese product to the global users with a reasonable price tag and always try to serve product before deep quality checks so that customer always get quality pass item, he already keeps a lot of products stocked in his warehouse so that there is no problem with shipment when they have got large amount of orders, users..

Before performing such a big sale, the company take care of many big things, in this, logistics is a very big part, apart from this, the stock of the product and the shipment to the users without any damage and quickly access to the logistics companies that they already have kept ready so that the product can be delivered in time, as well as checks if there is no damage in it and If it has any fail in quality check before delivery, then Bangood takes care of all these things on its platform and warehouses so that users can get a better product. 

Now I talk a little bit about Banggood, the company was established in 2006 with a limited number of staff and limited stocks, now in 2019 they have celebrated 13th birthday with huge success, they have achieved big milestone, millions of registered users, thousands of orders each day, more than 200 countries served, multiple category products sell, if you like this article feel free to write anything on comment and share with your social media

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