Every person is using Smartphone around the world but modern Smartphone can easily damaged or stolen by thief so it is required to take regular backup of your Smartphone in this lesson we tell you about how to backup a windows Smartphone and how to restore them.

A feature already included in windows Smartphone to back up your setting, wallpaper, text message, photos, videos, password, music, notes and more. It means it is very easy to get back everything in case if you lose you device or stolen by someone in the screen short we are using Windows 8.1 version but most other version of windows will follow almost same thing.

How to backup a Windows Smartphone

  • In your Windows device go to your setting section and scroll down to ‘backup’ as like image below.

  • Now you will see three different section under backup which are app + setting, text message and photos + videos under each section you will see a status like ‘backup on’ or ‘backup off’ you can set those thing according to your need but we recommend to you that turn on backup for everything.
  • Under photos + videos there are option like don’t upload, Good Quality (may use data plan) and Best quality (need Wi-Fi connection) under photos section we recommend you to chose best quality for your photos when you connected through Wi-Fi.In a same there are two option under videos, don’t upload and Best quality (needs Wi-Fi connection) so chose best quality option for videos if you are using a Wi-Fi connection.

  • If you want to create a manual backup then tap on app + setting (Under setting>backup) and then select ‘backup now’ option.

How to restore a backup of Windows Smartphone to a New Windows Smartphone

If you already have a backup of your old Windows phone and in case you lost that device or you have purchase a new Windows phone and want to transfer that backup into a new phone so here is the steps for you how to do that ?

  • When you first turn on your new windows Smartphone you will need to choose Language, terms of uses, connect to Wi-fi, Choose Wi-Fi sense options ,phone setting and time and region after that it will asked to you sign in to your Microsoft account.

  • During Sign in process you will see a ‘Finding backups’ at the top of the screen then a list of backup with device model no will be shown you can choose from that list which backup you want to restore into a new device.

  •  Tap on the backup you want to restore and tap on the next button then restore process will start and you will see a message saying that your apps will be downloaded in the background .you can also download them manually from Windows Store.

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