Back up photos & videos from a mobile device

Google launch more advance functionality with Android smartphone, so that users can save data easily, Save your Android device’s photos and videos to Google Drive. This functionality comes with Android smartphone v5.0 lollipop, you will get Drive pre-installed with your Android smartphone, this is easy task to save your all data using simple method it could be photo docs, video or any other material.Sync Photos from Android phone with Google Drive

This is few click approach, using this method you can save your previous data which was captured in past, will help you to minimize your phone storage, this is different from Sync option, after successfully stored your data on Google drive you can easily remove, share, edit, print, send, move, search and download.How to Upload and Save Captured Photograph in to Google Drive Using Android Smartphone

These all functionality will help you to access your private data easily, also will protect you from hacker and malware, now question is how these all things are possible, first step is to open or switch on your smartphone and connect it with internet, then open your phone Google drive icon and this will take few seconds to open, now click on right + sign and  choose upload then choose photos one by one it will save photos automatically on Google drive, Drive >>  Inside Google Drive >> Click on + Sign >> Upload >> Choose image to upload.How to Upload and Save Captured Photograph in to Google Drive

Doing all these operation photos will be automatically saved after one click into Google drive, this will cost you nothing before 10GB usage, after that Google will give you paid space, all the above given steps will help you to Back up photos & videos from a mobile device.

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