According to new generated report from comScore in 2017 January, Apple inc is top smartphone OEM (manufacturer) around US, in between the US smartphone subscriber age start from 13 year and +, alone apple iOS market share is 46.6%, and other android brands share Samsung 28.0%, LG 10.3%, Motorola 4.3%, HTC 2.3%.Apple top smartphone manufacturer in US

There has been ferocious competition in between platforms as well, in which Android is on top place, this report present a picture that not belies the general expectation, now you can see report of top smartphone platforms, Android 53.2%, Apple 44.6%, Microsoft 1.6%, BlackBerry 0.6% these results 3 month average, ending January 2017.Apple is the most popular company among U.S. smartphone subscribers

The latest report for the third and fourth quarter of this financial year 2016-17 Android platform makes it on first place, this is not alone inside US but Android also most famous around the Globe, and as well as if we think about iOS platform, the Apple ranked second globally in top smartphone platforms.

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