The big tech giant Apple wants to open its retail and online stores in India apple has already filed an application with the department of industrial policy and promotion (DIPP) according to the DIPP secretary Amitabh Kant when speaking to The Times of India.

He said that we have received Apple’s application and we are examining it he also adds that Apple’s also want approval to sell its products through own online store as well for that Apple needs government’s approval.

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Apple had also tried this previously for selling its products directly in India through online and offline stores but due to Government’s FDI policy at that time company not move ahead according to that rule any foreign company investing more than 51% should must source 30% of their products within the country and also the policy did not allow foreign single-brand retailers set up an e-commerce portal individually with foreign investment currently Apple is selling its products from a network of franchisee-owned stores.But since November of the last yearGovernment had changed some rule of FDI policy and these restrictions have been changed now a company like Apple open its own retail and online e-commerce site in India.

Right now Apple is seeing its products from Croma and other franchisee-owned stores but after the relaxation of the rules in FDI Apple can open its own retail stores in India like they have in other countries worldwide.

Right now Apple is increasing its focus in India as last year the sales of its devices in the country crossed the $1 billion mark.Apple gain 44% increase in sale for a 2014-2015 year and its net profit is double in compare of previous year sales.

If Apple gets its approval then customer in India will also get an experience of Apple sales and service for which apple stores are known.

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