Apple iPhone 6S Features

Users always want to see new features in iPhone, this time apple make huge changes in their device, Each time, Apple with new technology, Market descends, next version of apple iPhone is Iphone 6S and 6S Plus, of all smartphones in the world, it is very good smartphone, If you feel like taking, then lay on top of iPhone 6S Session Choice.Apple iPhone 6S

This time company focus on new technology development such as display, touch, camera, colors, body, OS version. You can perform many new activities with it’s 3D touch also focus on new technical innovation on each points, make iPhone 6S multi-touch, they said that which new experience you feel with new iPhone, before you never see it in any devices, it’s possibly made for all type users, so that you can get all thing at one place and get easy access of data.Apple iPhone 6S Full Details

When you see it Lecce on hand, you will feel very good like what new super slim and high quality device you observe, Apple make hardware very nice so that user will not face any technical difficulty while using it’s devices for heavy work, however iPhone 6s camera will more beautiful then ever 12MP and 4K Video with Live Photos Lasting memories.

Also focus on get all things together with iPhone 6S such as performance with high quality so that any competitors may not stand, also get in display chemically strengthened 3D glass also tops the iPhone 6S,

 IOS 9 With New Features

This new iPhone 6S come up with new Apple IOS Operating system version which company named IOS 9, you heard about new two device by the company which has run IOS 9. company also make operating system changes on Siri and battery backup, phone also can set a low power mode which will make iPhone 6s large battery backup, Now IOS 9 in public beta version.

Hardware, Display, Camera, processing and new touch features

iPhone 6s launching with new colors and many new user friendly required features Silver, Gold, Space Gray, Rose Gold with 16GB, 64GB, 128GB storage capacity with 4.7 inch Retina HD display with 3D Touch which makes iPhone 6s best phone, also included LED-backlit widescreen and 334×750-pixel resolution at 326 ppi (Pixel Density) with high contrast ratio also get 500 cd/m2 max brightness with Dual-domain pixels for wide viewing angles.

Best camera with high quality images capturing technology, each user want to click picture with iPhone 6S with 4K videos with live photos lasting memories, phone has new way to save memory for whole life, you will get more pixel with high brightness capturing quality, with 12 megapixel, Apple also added new state-of-the-art sensor, improved local tone, force pixel and optical image stabilization, apple focus on best image capturing technology, selfie camera with 5 megapixel FaceTime HD with Face detection, Exposure control, Timer mode, Retina Flash.

Phone coming with A9 chip technology with new high performance chip-set, which will make your gaming experience very good, also the company’s 64-bit desktop level architecture, it’s 3rd generation chip with more then 70% faster in terms of speed, also with 90% faster GPU (Graphical processing unit), also M9 motion co-processor is integrated with A9 chip, also the combination of IOS 9 makes smartphone much faster.

Touch is innovation of Apple, company always focus on touch enhancing technology which you will see a new born technology with new devices, such as laser-cut sapphire crystal, stainless steel detection ring, capacitive single-touch sensor, tactile switch more iPhone 6S specification is too different from other devices in terms of speed, storage, processing, network, display, touch, camera and look and feel.

Network, connectivity and LTE technology

New high speed inside iPhone 6s, it’s new LTE advance phone with 300 Mbps download with cat 6, 23 LTE band support, Up to 866 Mbps over wi-fi, you can enjoy while browsing the web download and upload, it will also give you better web performance while you are connected with Wi-Fi. You can also easily connected to Apple watch using it’s Bluetooth.

iPhone 6S pricing and availability

Now Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus pre-order start from SEP-12-2015, it will be available on 25-sep-2015, while you are in pre-order page it will shows you 3 carrier options at&t, Sprint, Verizon wireless, it will also ask you some important questions such as zip code, social security number, wireless numbers to check your location and country.

iPhone with 4.7 inch display start from (16GB – $649, 64GB – $749 and 128GB – $849).

Finally this time Apple enterd with iPhone 6S, which much more upgraded iPhone device, high cpu, high speed, higher backup, best camera quality, best touch with 3D, hd display.

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