Apple Increases App Store Pricing for Some of the Countries Around the Globe.Apple Increases App Store Pricing  Due to Exchange Rates Apple announces that they will be increasing the price of paid apps and in-app purchases in App Store in Some market due to exchange rates of currency, countries affected by this changes are Canada, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore and South Africa.About these changes, Apple notified all the developers by Email.

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This change will affect both the price and in-app purchase for app store the users from Russia and South Africa need to resubscribe in App subscription while in other countries such as Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and Singapore users will be notified in advance before current subscription end with the given option to cancel or renew at the increased price While Israel won’t be affected as there is  automatic in-app purchase subscriptions are not supported there.

This is not the first time when Apple increases the price for App store as back in July in 2014 the prices are also increases for countries like Indonesia, Turkey and South Africa while for countries like New Zealand and Israel prices decreased  back in 2014.

These latest changes will become effective across all these countries within the next 72 hours you can view the changes under My Apps section in App store you can also download the updated pricing chart from the My Apps section.

So if you are still not affected by these changes just go for app Shopping now.

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