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If you are on a lookout to buy a premium 4K-enabled action camera, you should act now because the much-awaited MGCOOL Explore 3 is finally available for pre-order from Gearbest. You can now place an order for the next-generation MGCOOL Explorer 3 via Gearbest for only $105.67. The pre-order gates will close on December 31 and the camera will ship after January 1.

If you look at the cost of the competing action cameras, the MGCOOL Explorer 3 emerges as the real winner. While GoPro Hero 4 is available for $450, the Yi 4K will cost $250. You have to pay $500 to purchase Sony X1000V and $350 to buy Olympus TG-Tracker action camera.

With the help of MGCOOL Explorer 3, you will be able to shoot images up to 14MP with first of the kind 4K image stabilization functionality. Even the GoPro Hero 4 doesn’t ship with these advanced features. Hence, the Explorer 3 is a complete package with all the latest features under a budget you to resist.

In terms of specifications, the MGCOOL Explorer 3 features a 2-inch touch display, iCatch V50 processor, Panasonic 34112 sensor coupled with the 7G sharp lens. Moreover, you will be able to capture images with 170-degree wide angle including the ability to shoot 4K videos at 30fps. It is also possible to capture FHD and HD videos at 60fps and 120fps respectively.

The main highlight of the MGCOOL Explorer 3 is the addition of a Native 4K paired with EIS and Gyroscope. The camera also provides support for dual-channel stereo audio recording.

With H.264+ support, the Explorer 3 is powered by a 1100mAh battery capable of delivering 75 minutes of 4K video shooting at 30fps. To work with the camera, you need to insert a 64GB memory card. Moreover, the camera is water-resistant with up to 30m provided the unit is used with the bundled protective case.

Even though MGCOOL Explorer 3 is priced at $169.99, you will be able to purchase the camera at a low cost of $105.67. The integration of a touch display, EIS, Gyroscope alongside dual-channel audio makes it a good buy. The company also provides a two-year warranty for the camera.

Will you be able to buy a camera with all these features at a price below $110? Why not you place an order now from Gearbest when the product is available at a deep discount?


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