How to Use Android 6.0’s Built-in File Manager

Android Marshmallow Has a Basic File Manager, Here’s How to Access It, Android is one of the most powerful and most usable operating system become in 2015, using this OS people making lots of application day by day. file manager apps you can get from Android apps store, there are tons of applications out there.How to access Android 6.0 Marshmallow's native file manager

You know what happen before that, Android has never come with build in file system before, but if you see new version Marshmallow 6.0, so here you get built-in file manager, so that Android can provide file manager, before that Android allow to companies those who manufacture mobile devices they can developed their own file manager or sometimes used install some other third party file system.

You Need to follow necessary steps to access FILE MANAGER in Android Marshmallow v6.0

  • Just open you phone and go inside setting apps
  • Just Tap on storage and USB
  • Now scroll the bottom and just select Explore

Wait for few second it will shows you many file and folder which is stored inside your Android device, this will also help uses to see all the files inside of your Android device, with these all files you can move, delete, edit, manipulate files as per your need.Android Marshmallow Has a Basic File Manager, Here's How to Access It

Google has been launched new file manager in Android with basic features, but we hope it will timely provide an updates in future, also you see new way to show files manager, you can easily short them by name, by date modified, by size of files.

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