All Motorola Smartphone with Fingerprint Scanner

Fingerprint scanner is a new and popular technology to secure your device that’s the reason Motorola want to launch their every Smartphone in 2016 with a fingerprint scanner according to Motorola although they launched some good Smartphone in previous year without fingerprint scanner to make up this feature they will include a fingerprint scanner in all their Moto branding upcoming Smartphone’s in 2016.

It was confirmed by Chen Xudong, Senior Vice President of Lenovo and President of China and Asia Pacific he said that in 2016 all Moto branding Smartphone’s minimum size will be 5.0 inches and each device will come with a Fingerprint sensor.

It is also possible that Moto-E’s no new variant will come in 2016 actually, few days ago they announced that they are re-branding the Motorola name to ‘Moto by Lenovo’  for their upcoming premium Smartphone in 2016

Lenovo also planning to change Moto range user interface.The company also want to merge its Vibe UI with  Stock Android  for their upcoming Smartphone in 2016.

As we already know that Lenovo isn’t a big name in the Smartphone segment outside China and Asia that’s why they are phasing out the Motorola brand name by Moto by Lenovo.This strategy would help Lenovo to gain more acceptance in the highly competitive market like the US and European Markets.

Fingerprint and rebranding of Motorola are two big changes are done by Lenovo we hope that this will increase their market coverage with more acceptance apart from this Lenovo won’t be launching any Smartphone with the screen size less than 5.0 inches this is also a big move by Chinese phone maker.

So what you think about these new goals set up by Lenovo for the upcoming year.Please Join our comment box for discussion.

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