Alfawise V8S Robot Vacuum Cleaner with $13 Promo Code from Gearbest

If you are looking for cheap vacuum cleaners, which you are getting in discounted prices, then today we have a deal, which is for Alfawise V8S Robot Vacuum, this cleaner is available with a $ 13 discount with international delivery, as i notice product only available in single color option Black in Gearbest site, and stocked in two warehouse fast 23 and Hong warehouse, with free shipping in some region, the original listed price of Alfawise V8S Robot Vacuum is $149.99, after applying coupon code: GBNL321S0, it just cost $136.99.

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Coupon Code: GBNL321S0

Alfawise V8S Robot Vacuum cleaner feature with dual slam system with intelligent gyroscope navigation & PSD positioning sensor, Apart from this, you will also find some accessories inside the box, like dustbin, filter, remote controller, rolling brush, side brush. If you take this type of vacuum cleaner in the market, any other brand, then you will have to pay two times more money.

Alfawise V8S Robot Vacuum Cleaner with $13 Promo Code and Global Free Shipping

There is something else other than these details, vacuum cleaner climb capacity is 1.5cm, equipped with dust box up to 350 ml capacity, and best part is self recharging facility. a part from technical specifications Alfawise V8S Robot Vacuum cleaner powered by 2600mAh li-ion battery, remote control option, & product less than 65 db sound.

Alfawise V8S Robot Vacuum Cleaner Price

This product has some other special features other than this such as it comes with brushless DC motor, it takes up to 4 to 6 hours to get fully charge, work on both mode auto and manual, has anti collision, anti-drop and work in 15 degree angle, it detects objects from 4 meter distance, and you will see the top and side design of vacuum cleaner, it looks premium. The dimension of the Alfawise V8S Robot Vacuum Cleaner are 12.6 in length x 12.6 width  x 3.15 in thickness, and 2.6 kilograms weight.

Alfawise V8S Robot Vacuum Cleaner Key Features:

  • Two warehouse option
  • Black Color
  • 2600mAh Battery
  • 880 – 1300 Pa suction
  • Edge, Spot, Planning mode
  • Auto, Remote Control, Self Charging option
  • 1.5cm Climb capacity
  • Suction,Sweep,Vacuum function
  • 90 to 120 minutes working
  • 32.00 cm x 32.00 cm x 8.00 cm dimension, 2.6 Kg Weight.

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