Alfawise Mini 3 Smart Bracelet front View

Alfawise is continues growing in this technical world, I am also using a few good gadgets from Alfawise such as Bluetooth speaker, electric toothbrush, mini 3 smart bands, all these devices perform really awesome, in other words, I could say outstanding performance, and the best part is easy to set up and use, this means every new user can grab the device working style, as we all know that GearBest sell their own products as well, they have also owned their subsidiary, The first impression of this brand looks like Xiomi’s gadgets, but its gadgets offer slightly unique feels, It seems to be one of its efforts, good quality at the lowest price. I am using this Mini 3 smart bracelet from past 4 days and feels that something in my hand, especially I like the outstanding vibration when it gets turn On or Off.Alfawise Mini 3 Smart Bracelet with USB Cable

It’s an intelligent smart band will allow you to count and share your daily activities, the ultimate aim is to keep you healthy and punctual, Alfawise Mini 3 offers Android and iOS connectivity option using HBand App.

Alfawise Mini 3 Design:

I always try to keep everything simple and precise, when I receive this Alfawise Mini 3 smart bracelet I thought that the band quality would be poor, when I saw its package box, few minutes later I open the box and found that smart band, USB cable with beautiful holder and user manual inside the box, I check the quality of band it was amazing, especially strap quality, after that I check features and detach capsule from strap, it looks pretty cool and build quality is superb, I will also share images. OLED display is impressive it looks when I go to sunlight and touch responds very quickly.Alfawise Mini 3 Smart Bracelet Full Review

If you are a kid, men, women it will fit into your hand all because of multiple holes to hold it on your hand. I have also check drop test from a 2-meter height, device not gets affected, Alfawise Mini 3 made with best quality material ABS and polycarbonate, even more, they have used thermoplastic urethane which gives high protection, due to its lightweight easy to wear for a longer period of time.

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This is my honest opinion, keep it turn off while sleep or not used, all because of battery backup improvements, and brand should improve the quality of Packaging box, this is $14.99 band, they should invest more in packing, I have Amazfit and Mi band 2 from Xiaomi, both have good packing but fewer features, $14.99 with few extra benefits from Mi Band 3, I suggest users try it once all because of very less price and more accurate.

Alfawise mini 3 is equipped with IP67 water/dust proof features, where it hold under water for 30 minutes, Even more, there is an easy option on the back side where you can smartly plug it’s charging cable without searching it, the charger has the clip to hold it properly.

Alfawise Mini 3 Band Features:

For the features point of view, I especially like unique feature which I did not use before. This is an innovative and new generation of the smart band with features like step counting, heart rate monitoring, blood pressure measurement, sleep counting in a single small capsule, there is few other feature design for sports enthusiasts such as calorie counting, distance calculator and activity sharing on social media feature. This band available in three colors Black, Peacock Blue, and Chili Pepper.Alfawise Mini 3 Smart Bracelet Complete Details & Review

First time when you use this device it’s easy to set up with your phone using H-band app (scan QR code on the box) which is available for iPhone and Android smartphone as well, this Alfawise Mini 3 band powered by 110 mAh battery which gives 4 to 5 days standby time. Alfawise should improve this time to 15 days at least, I hope will see in next smart band, and Nordic Nrf51822 CPU.

Alfawise Mini 3 Band

Alfawise Mini 3 Smart Bracelet Price:

For the given features $14.99 price is nothing for such an innovative technology like this, where you are getting, step counting, sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring, notifications, date-time, turn On/Off feature, and special feature is blood pressure measurement, which is pretty interesting, this is recommended to every sports lover or fitness freak, I am using smart bands from past 3 years and feel that price dropping year by year due to technology get changing every single month, first time I bought a Samsung watch, then I bought Mi Band, that was easy to me with very less weight with necessary features, and now I am using Alfawise mini 3 from 4 days I feel comfortable. As we all know product cost depends on so many factors, every brand includes every single operating cost such as Research, Manufacturing, assembling, software, warehousing, marketing, profit, and shipping.Alfawise Mini 3 Smart Bracelet Review after 4 days of Use


Alfawise Mini 3 Smart Bracelet is new generation band, I also compare with other brands, I get it’s more accurate in terms of measurement, also observe that font on the screen looks pretty big and bright, which is ideal for sunlight, gives proper response to daylight, getting worth buying features at this price.

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Alfawise Mini 3 Smart Bracelet Flash Sale Price $14.99 for 100 Units.

Alfawise Mini 3 Smart Bracelet Key Features:

  • Heart Rate, Sleep Monitor, Pedometer, Blood Pressure Measurement
  • IP 67 Waterproof
  • Black, Blue, Chilli Pepper Color
  • 0.96-inch OLED Display
  • iOS and Android Compatible
  • Touch Button
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 110mAh Battery
  • Notification
  • 24.00 x 2.00 x 1.20 cm, 21 Grams Weight.

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