Alfawise BT- 200 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar Full Review

Everybody loves to listen to music at their home or party, most of the people use dance songs on an outdoor party, today I am going to review Alfawise BT- 200 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar Review which is smaller in terms of size and easy to carry anywhere. From past few years I am using another brand big 4.1 channel speakers to listen to music and watch movies, but suddenly that was broken and I decided to replace these old with new wireless and compact size soundbar, I start searching online found Alfawise BT- 200 Portable Soundbar, on GearBest and I place an order that was cost me $38.99 with discount coupon: AlfawiseBT200, earlier the retail price was $43.99 with global shipping, and I chose priority line which took around 13 days to reach at my place, before buy that I am planning to order Xiaomi or JBL speakers but that was too much costly to me, and I start my own research and find this one.Alfawise BT- 200 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar Review

That is not my first order with GearBest, I have been using since 2015 and found that trusted and genuine price website, have purchased smartphone, laptop, mouse, smartwatch, DVR and so many other gadgets, I save lots of $$, but I observe that free shipping takes more than 8 days on average and DHL, FedEx 4 to 5 Days.

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It looks premium in terms of build quality, I am using a Black color which is glossy and well finish, especially like side design, and easy to use, there is few buttons and both connectivity options wired & wireless. It has 4 speakers on the front side which give outstanding stereo audio quality, even the quality and loudness of this soundbar is high with affordable price, I am remembering college days when friends go for a long ride spend a whole day out, if you are a college students, music lover & want to enjoy on picnic so this soundbar is the perfect choice with this range.Alfawise BT- 200 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker Review

This wireless speaker offers multi-functional operations. Adopts high-quality engineering plastic shell, makes a fashion and stylish appearance, & before order, this keeps one important point in mind, check its length, width, and thickness online because it’s a little bit long, dimensions are 21.65 in long x 1.97 in width x 1.97 in thickness and 63 grams weight. It is smaller than the usual home speaker, with a compact and portable design which you can carry outside with one time fully charge.Alfawise BT- 200 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar


For the features this device equipped with Bluetooth connectivity options, LED notification light on the front, and you will see buttons to operate this play button, Volume Up/Down, Power On/Off, Mode which is easy to use, and also comes with wireless and wired connectivity option in which u can use TF card, AUX audio port, AV connectivity option with your TV.

Alfawise BT- 200 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar Full Review

For the power options the Alfawise BT- 200 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar powered by 2000mAh battery which gives 2.6 hours backup (i check that with full volume) and takes 2.8 hours to get the full charge, Bluetooth connectivity is more stable provide 6 to 8 meters working support. The Alfawise soundbar support A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, and HF profiles and you can use this speaker with iPhone, Android Phone, Tablet, TV, and Mobile Phones, 4 full range high-quality speaker complete your home theatre system and bring the great bass, u should also try to enable FM Radio option on this soundbar. Inside the box, you will also get cable and small size remote control through which you can do all activities.

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Quality and features wise price is ideal, color quality and build quality is a premium grade, $43.99 for Alfawise BT- 200 speaker is average, and we are getting premium quality design good sound quality and 4 speakers inside with decent bass.Alfawise BT- 200 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar $43.99 Speaker Review


Alfawise BT- 200 wireless speaker size is bit long but ideal for use with the TV, even you can fulfill your daily music need, keep it on a table or anywhere and listen to music. I order this for my TV where I watch sports if you are searching for a wireless speaker for your TV, Home or Party at home or outdoor you should try this once, I hope that you will also love this, can try it once. My review for this Alfawise BT- 200 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar is above Good or Below Excellent.

Alfawise BT- 200 Portable Wireless Soundbar Key Features:

  • Wireless Connectivity Options
  • LED Light Notification
  • Multiple Modes FM, TF Card AV, and 3.5mm Line modes
  • TF Card Support Up to 32GB
  • Bluetooth 4.1 Option
  • Use with Computer, iPhone, iPod, Laptop, Mobile phone, MP3, MP4, MP5, PC, PSP, Tablet PC, TF/Micro SD Card, TV
  • 00 x 5.00 x 5.00 cm, 630 Grams Weight
  • DC 5V / 1A – 2A
  • 7V / 2000mAh.

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