Most of us use VLC  media player probably VLC will be most popular free, open source and cross-platform media player around the web.One of the common features of VLC has Subtitles we used this feature when we watch movies or videos on our computer when the video or movie is available in another language.We can also use subtitles to be familiar with an unknown language.

Sometimes we face problems like delay and speed up it means while we watch video on our computer we can’t find the exact subtitle at the exact time on VLC media player.In this situation, subtitles will be displayed earlier or delayed.Actually, this problem arises when the media player fails to synchronize the subtitle correctly or subtitles written in a bad way.If you are facing such problems with your VLC media player or want to know how to adjust delay and speed up setting in VLC media player, You can check out this article.

How to Adjust Subtitles Speed in VLC

Here we will use two methods for adjusting Speedup and delay setting in VLC Media Player.You can do this by using your keyboard and inbuilt tool section in VLC.

Adjust Subtitles Speed in VLC Using Keyboard

  • Open video with VLC media player and press G on your keyboard it will speed up the VLC  video subtitle player by 50ms.
  • If you want to delay the video subtitle by 50ms than just press H button on your keyboard.You can keep pressing it for as many as times you want to delay or speed up the subtitle.

Adjust Subtitles Speed in VLC Using Manual Method

It will give you more option then shortcut method of Keyboard.To adjust the subtitle speed of VLC  open the particular video on VLC then go to Tools > Track Synchronization.Adjust, delay, speedup Subtitle Speed in VLC Media Player

Now you can adjust the speed of subtitle by going to Subtitle track synchronization now click on up arrow for delaying the speed of Subtitle and down arrow for speed up the subtitle.In this screen, you can also change subtitle duration as well the up and down arrow will work on the same way.

Try this setting on your VLC media player and let us know about that by your comments.

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